Thursday, December 07, 2023


The 12th Presidential Inauguration Album

The Korea Stamps Society (KSS) is pleased to the present the seventh article of Stewart Steres’ Series South Korea’s Commemorative Booklets. This article is about the 12th Presidential Inauguration – Chun Doo-Hwan. It contains the 1981 South Korea Scott # 1234 and 1234a, plus KPSC #PC43.

Soviet Bloc Charity Seals for North Korea—More Information

Late last year when I was looking for some information on the internet about the South Korea Relief seals issued by Germany, I discovered that I did not know that the Soviet Bloc countries also began to raise funds for North Korea Relief during the Korean War. I wrote an article for the Korea Stamp […]


The year in stamps: 1949 “Shooting across the border”

As South Korea entered 1949, the country was still grappling with the aftermath of World War II and the ongoing tensions between North and South Korea. While political and military developments dominated the headlines, the daily lives of ordinary citizens also continued to be shaped by the challenges of the time.

Some Chollima Images on North Korea’s “Allies” Stamps

North Korea isn’t the only country that has used the chollima images on their postage stamps. Some of North Korea’s allies have used the image too. For example, from an image we have seen before on the Korea Stamps Society’s webpage is a East Germany pair with a semi-postal stamp of 20 +5 pf value […]


What do I collect?

I think I have to qualify this with the phrase “at the moment” because like some collectors my passion changes according to chance discoveries and predilections, the money in my pocket and time available. This note records collecting interests between October and December 2022. I am not the distinguished collector who grinds away at a […]

I really liked the cute small sheets

I became interested in South Korean stamps in the 1960’s. I especially liked the cute small sheets that came with most of their stamps. I really liked the prices as most of the stamps cost 9-10 cents each and the sheets were 12-15 cents each. As my interest grew I wanted to get the earlier […]


Information Needed for 1947 Postcard

I have a Christmas postcard from a Korean Presbyterian pastor to one of his former teachers sent on December 1, 1947 from South Korea to the USA. I would like to know what the hand-stamp was used for, of a shield, with what looks like the letters C and P inside a circle inside the […]

Question to the KSS about a Presentation Sheet

Recently the Korea Stamp Society (KSS) received a question from the President of the Stamp on Stamp Collectors Club (SSCC), Lou Guadagno, about a presentation sheet that one of their members had obtained. The SSCC, like the KSS, is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society, and was founded in 1954, only two years after […]


Korea Chapter of “Senf Weltkatalog, 1915 issue”

Senf Brothers The Brothers Senf (Gebr. Senf) of Leipzig/Germany operated a famous stamp shop from 1874 and had an “all world stationery service”. From 1892, they issued the Senf stamp catalogs. They also used a small guarantee mark “Gebr. Senf” on the reverse of postage stamps they offered.

Postal history documents from the USAMGIK period in the NAK archive

The database of the National Archives of Korea can be a valuable resource for philatelists interested in the postal history of the 1945-1948 USAMGIK period in Korea. By utilizing the database effectively, a philatelist can gain insights into the postal system during this time, including stamp usage, design, and production, as well as the broader […]

Korea-related Philatelic News

Auction News Update: Korean items in worldwide auctions

Once in a while we report on the KSS website on interesting items showing up in stamp auctions worldwide. Here are some of these items from the last few months from Cherrystone Auctions, Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner and Chiswick Auctions, plus some Ebay items related to the Korean War.

A KSS Member’s Trip to the Heohyeon Underground Shopping Center Stamp Dealers’ Area

A career choice brought me and my Korean stamp collection that I started 30 years ago, back to the ROK. Korea certainly has changed in numerous positive and interesting ways but much like the US, the pastime of stamp collecting seems to have lost some of its appeal to technology.

ROK KoreaPost New Issues

New Year’s Greetings

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 1 December 2023 KoreaPost issued a stamp issue commemorating the New Year. The stamps were issued in a minisheet and a sheetlet containing stamps of 430 won each. The stamps were printed by Brebner Print for POSA.

KPC3716-3719: Beautiful Korean Language

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 17 November 2023 KoreaPost issued a stamp issue commemorating the “Beautiful Korean Language”. The stamps were also issued in a minisheet of 4 x 4 (16) stamps at 430 won each. The stamps were printed by Brebner Print for POSA.

DPRK Korea Stamp Corporation New Issues

KSC5519-5524: Military Parade Held in Celebration of the 70th Anniv. of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 27 October 2023 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a set of stamps commemorating the “Military Parade Held in Celebration of the 70th Anniv. of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War”.

KSC5518: Horse Riding

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 26 October 2023 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a set of stamps commemorating “Horse Riding”.