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Military Mail from Belgian UN-troops during the Korean War

Belgium, together with Luxembourg, sent a UN-contingent to Korea in 1951. This contingent, the Belgian United Nations Command (BUNC), consisted exclusively of volunteer soldiers: 3.171 Belgians and 78 Luxembourgers.

KATUSA receives a letter from home

Something not seen often are covers sent between family members and so-called “KATUSA”. KATUSA or “Korean Augmentation To the United States Army” were Korean men who were part of the US Eight Army from July 1950 onwards. Some were drafted by force, some joined by applying, but either way, these Koreans were a common sight […]


And yes, more Chollimas!

Recently I found these the two postcards shown in the image advertised in packs of North Korean (DPRK) postcards on Delcampe, including one pack from a dealer in China. I do not really know what they are or what they represent. I only bought them because they featured the Chollima.

The Story of Monsieur Charles Aleveque

Charles Aleveque (known in Korea as An Ryebaek, -晏禮百) made and distributed the first photographic postcards in Korea, published a French-Korean dictionary, and represented the Korean Government at the 1900 Paris Exposition. As a representative for a French trading company, he worked for trade between Korea and France, importing modern materials for the government of […]


The South Korean Stamp Scene (Market Study): Part 12

Since there were NO price updates from the 2021 Scotts catalog for the third year in a row, I will not revise my article for 2021. If I get any more information throughout this year, I will pass it on. In the meantime I will conclude by reiterating the following paragraph from Part #11.

Printing the surcharges on first military government issue for Korea 1945/46 (Scott’s #55-60)

One of the first branches of the old Japanese Government activities taken over by the forces of the U. S. Military Government in Korea (USAFIK) after the occupation was the Communications Department which controlled the services of the post office, telegraph system, and radio stations. At the beginning the Postal Section had no alternative but […]


Reader’s question: Why are local 1930s revenue stamps never offered “used on document”?

Since first seeing a South Korean revenue stamp in 2010 (when I needed one for a visa document while already in Korea) I have been collecting information about Korean revenue stamps. What is noticeable in my database of 6000+ notes on Korean revenue stamps that some stamps are very easy to collect “used on document” […]

Follow-up to Member’s Request for used stamps from North Korea (DPRK)

Come On!!! (A “shout out” popularized by the Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt). Surely at least one of our Korea Stamp Society (KSS) members has some used North Korean stamps that they would like to share with one of our newer members, Paul Scholtens! On December 5, 2020 we published a short article (put in […]


The original Korean album pages

In the last few issues of KP and on the KSS website we have shown examples of album pages made and/or used by KSS members. Here we show the original KSS album pages, the pages as produced and for years marketed in Korean Philately by our long-time member David Phillips.

North and South Korean Issues During the Korean War: Ideological Conflict

Much has been written on the logistics, causes, and effects of the Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953). Charles Armstrong was correct to assert that the Cold War was a campaign of propaganda and psychological warfare,1 with the Korean War being no exception. It was not just a physical conflict, it was […]

Korea-related Philatelic News

Book with Korean philatelic references “Buddhism on stamps” published

In early January 2021 the book “Buddhism on Stamps” was released by the Indian philatelist Mr. Lokeswara Rao (retired Principal Chief Conservator of Forests in Nagaland, India). He spared no efforts in creating his book, as not only does the book come with an introduction by the current Chief Postmaster General, the book also contains […]

Interesting Korea related items in Corinphila and Vance auctions

Philatelic items directly related to Korea are relatively rare in (international) auctions. Of course, there are these “collections” with albums packed with North Korean stamps from the 1970s and 1980s or the usual South Korean flag sheets and such, but occasionally interesting items do show up. Here are a few examples from two different auction […]

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