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North Korea Invades South Korea and Dr. Moon Chang-Mo Is Captured

This is the story of the rarest issued Korean tuberculosis (TB)/Christmas and New Year seal: the 1952 issue. One might believe that the rarest and most valuable Korean TB/Christmas and New Year seal is probably one of the series of seals that Dr. Sherwood Hall began to issue in 1932. However, discounting the unissued seal […]

Korean Souvenir Books and Reprints issues of 1903-1906 (Part I: Introduction)

By writing this article, this author is hoping that it will create interest and more information will be forthcoming from other readers of the Korea Stamp Society (KSS) website. The subject is known by different names. Very little literature has been published, at least in English, about, what Jim Kerr called, in his “Korean Kingdom […]


Only Known 10 Moon Pair with “京-Kyung” Cancellation

The first two Korean stamps of 5 moon and 10 moon were used only for about 18 days, and so far less than 20 pieces are accepted as genuinely used. Among them only one pair of 10 moon with a “京-Kyung” cancellation on cover is known. This is that pair.

Korean forgeries (IV): 50 Mon unissued (1884)

The fourth stamp in this series is the 50 Mon. As with the 25 Mon stamp, this green stamp was never issued and therefore any stamp claiming to be used has a fake cancellation. The stamp is designated Scott #4 and Minkus #N4. The stamps were produced in 1884. Black and white images are from […]


Hubba-Hubba Cachets

One of the interesting subtopics for a collection of Korean War covers is that of “Hubba-Hubba” covers. These have hand-struck cachets from rubber stamps and usually, but not always, have “HUBBA-HUBBA” somewhere in the design. Covers with these markings represent a form of “patriotic envelope” which has derived from the elaborate, printed envelopes of the […]

Korean Eisenhower Material (1969): Part 2

The death of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969) meant a surge of interest in Eisenhower related philatelic material. Eisenhower however had always been relatively popular in Korea, especially because of his support for South Korea during the Korean War and his visit to Korea in the 1950s.


Reader’s Question: History of Travelling Post Offices in Korea?

  Does anybody know more about the history of Travelling Post Offices (우편열차) in Korea? What I have found so far comes from two pictures showing two boards from the Stamp Museum in Cheonan (not Seoul) from an exhibit on TPO’s in Korea. This board lists for instance that the first mail transported by train […]

Reader’s Question: American Banknote Co Package #4137 dated Nov 3 1944

(Reader’s question) Thought this item of collateral material might be of interest – “American Banknote Co Package #4137 dated Nov 3 1944”. It appears to have contained 100 sheets. The note that came with it said “Korea Occupied Nations Stamp”. Can anyone provide additional info?


Revenue stamps in album pages?

What started with a simple article about someone’s stamp album pages has since become quite a series. So far however all the album pages shown by members are used to store and show postal stamps. Fiscal stamps, or revenue stamps, are a completely different story.

More album pages from KSS members

(Our informal series on Korean album pages continues with this installment from KSS member Chen Yi-Fu.) For ROK and classic Korean stamps I use an album made by the South Korean company Woo-Moon-Kuan, which is also the publisher of the ROK stamp catalogue. For DPRK stamps I use Palo albums, the only company I know […]

Korea-related Philatelic News

KoreaPost creates corona virus awareness campaign

The current crisis with the corona virus has created the need for the Korean government to make as many Koreans as possible aware of the risk. Currently a series of campaigns raising awareness of how to avoid getting sick is on-going. KoreaPost has joined in by creating this cartoon, a “webtoon”, reminding people to help […]

Korean Philately Vol. 54 No. 1 (Q1 2020) Published!

For the first time in 7 years the KSS has published a new edition of the KSS magazine, Korean Philately. Our magazine has been published since 1952, first simply as a few typed and copied sheets but later on as an A5 (booklet) sized magazine and more recently as a US Letter sized magazine. This […]


KPC3427-3434: Science and Technology that Lead Korea

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 27 December 2019 KoreaPost issued a sheet containing eight stamp designs showing examples of results of Korean science and technology, such as a vaccine, a chip wafer (to make DRAM modules), a satellite and an LPG supertanker.

KPC3425-3426: New Year’s Greetings

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 2 December 2019 KoreaPost released two stamps celebrating the New Year and New Year’s Greetings. After the year of the pig, 2019, the year 2020 will be the Year of the (Metal) Rat according to the Chinese zodiac, which is why these two stamps depict rats.


KSC5238-5239: 78th Birthday of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has issued two stamps showing Jong Il Peak and Mt Paektu. According to the KSC “Mt Paektu is the sacred mountain of the revolution where the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung organized and waged the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. The great leader Comrade Kim […]

KSC5258-5262: Let us break through head-on all the barriers to our advance!

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation issued a series of stamps to commemorate the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. According to the KSC “the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held from […]

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