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South Korean booklets and color bars (IV)

This is Part 4 of the BOOKLETS WITH COLOR BARS article. On 1/24/1994 the Ministry issued the first “Portable Booklet” to commemorate the 21st U.P.U. Congress (3rd issue). This issue started the color bars for a total of 15 issues through 3/27/1996. All of these were in the “Portable Booklet” format. For explanation see part […]

The 1957 Boy Scout and 1958 Second Postal Week Issues

Korean Philately (KP) had a very interesting article about two souvenir sheets in the 1974 Volume 3 issue about the 1957 Boy Scout and the 1958 Second Postal Week sheets. Each of these sheets has a variety that is very rare and these varieties are missing in most of the Korean collections. This author would […]


Whitlatch’s “Silver Anniversary of Japan’s Annexation of Korea” cachet

While looking at the website some time ago I saw an early membership card and a short article on early members. I noticed that I was listed as the oldest current member number – #58. It caused me to look around for some interesting Korea items and I found my 1959 membership card – signed […]

The 1959 “Peaceful Reunification of Korea” stamps: more addendum

In September 2018 KSS member Yi Yong Suk asked a question regarding his set of 1959 “Peaceful Reunification of Korea” stamps (Scott 175a / A141; KSC 151). One of our members, Kevin Mackeown, sent one cancelled example showing the imperforated stamps were real and then sent more examples used on cover. Now KSS member Florian […]


Reader’s Question: Color shift on DPRK stamp?

(Reader’s question/Q&A) KSS member Kimmo has a question regarding this stamp: “I have a North Korean stamp from 1976 (SG N 1555; Mi 1527) with a color shift (red 3 mm right and 1 mm up from the correct alignment). I would like to know if members are able to provide me additional information on […]

Reader’s Question: Was this North Korean block margin intentional?

(Reader’s question/Q&A) KSS member Robert Finder has a following question regarding this block of four + two partial stamps. These North Korean stamps are listed as Scott394 (A331)/KSC353 (issued 13 March 1962). 


The Semiotics of Postage Stamps: Tiny Bits of Paper as Government Documents

There are many ways of collecting and studying postage stamps – for their intrinsic collectable interest, for thematic interests, as a representative of the history of the postal service in different countries, and many other aspects. One approach which I follow is to examine the semiotics of the design of stamps. That is, what is […]

Download (KSS members only): “Monograph 3: The Postal History of the Korean War 1950-1953”

In 2000 the KSS published a monograph, the third in the series of KSS monographs, titled “The Postal History of the Korean War 1950-1953”. Written by Robert W. Collins, this monograph is no longer readily available. As a service to KSS members a scanned version of this document is available online. Some examples and texts […]

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