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The Revenue Stamps of Seoul City (part 2 of 3)

(Part 2 of 3) Like most countries which at one time used revenue stamps, South Korea has a long history of using local revenue stamps. Until the 1970s these local revenue stamps were produced locally, each with a unique design per province or municipality. From 1976 onwards local revenue stamps were produced nationally (with standardized […]

The 1940 Korean Christmas and New Year Seal: Last Year of Dr. Hall’s Seals in Korea

From a collector’s standpoint, the 1940 issued seal is very simple. For the officially issued 1940 seal there is only one design, one type of booklet with 5 panes of 10 (5 x 2), one type of sheet of 25 (5 x 5) and two postcards designs. As with the 1939 issues, the postcards are […]


Unrecorded Postal Stationery from North Korea

The Pyongyang published Korean Postal Stationery & Maxicard Catalogue of 1999 was an eye-opener for most of us in revealing the richness of postal stationery issued there over the years. It followed on Todd’s pioneering Catalogue of North Korean Postal Stationery 1947-1961 of 1997, and some listings in this Journal (Korean Philately, 34, No.2, 4-9; […]

A Note on the 2002 North Korean Surcharges

Watching the endless stream of opportunistic issues, largely directed at gullible collectors, coming out from North Korea year after year, it is a pleasant philatelic experience to encounter something unexpected from this source. It has, of course, occurred in the recent past with the discovery of the domestic paper varieties – the ‘yellow paper’ issues […]


KPC3371: Redefinition of the SI Base Units (promotion materials)

On 20 May 2019 KoreaPost released a stamp to commemorate the “Redefinition of the SI Base Units”. Together with the stamp release KoreaPost also released extra promotion materials showing the idea behind the international standards commemorated by this release.

“CENZAN*POST” Datestamp: A New Find

While working on a Corinphila Auction (April 2006), I was lucky enough to locate and later certify, the attached Postal Stationery card with two fine strikes of this rare mark. The late Meiso Mizuhara’s book showed, on page 18 in Postal History of Korea his recorded dates of use of this rare cancellation: May 20, […]


Reader’s Question: Imperforated Scott 429 / KSC 393

The picture below is the 1962 Scott #429 / KSC #393 imperforated 10 jeon “Launch of Soviet Manned Rockets Vostok 3&4”. The KSC does mention an imperforated version. However, the Scott catalog does not mention an imperforated version of this stamp. I wonder how many of our readers have seen or possess this stamp? 

Reader’s Question: Pre-stamp mail between Korea and USA?

(Reader’s question/Q&A) I am student and collector of Pre-stamp postal history between USA and Asia. While I have found fair bit of literature on Pre-1860 postal history between USA and China and Japan, I have not been able to find any such information on mail between Korea and USA. I understand US churches including Baptist […]


KSS Monograph 2: Korean English Philatelic Glossary

First published as a for print publication by Stanley Kim in 1993, this glossary is now being developed in digital form. Originally meant “to assist collectors using either Korean or English to organize their collections, literature, and their own write-ups for exhibitions or just in their albums” it can these days also be used especially […]

Download (KSS Members Only): “Korean Kingdom and Empire Philatelic Catalog and Handbook”

The Korean Kingdom and Empire Philatelic Catalog and Handbook was an important milestone for the Korea Stamp Society, enabling members to deal with the confusing aspects of this period in Korean Philately. James W. Kerr, one of leading contributors to the KSS for many years, was the editor. He had the assistance of many other […]


KPC3371: Redefinition of the SI Base Units

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 20 May 2019 KoreaPost released a stamp to commemorate the “Redefinition of the SI Base Units”, the system which includes standards for such things as temperature and weight.

KPC3368-3370: Science in Korea (5th series)

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 19 April 2019 KoreaPost released four stamps in the “Science in Korea” series. This is the 5th installment of that particular series of stamps showing Korean scientists and scholars of the past.

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