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Korean cartoon “Gobau Inspiration” (1950 – 2000)

“고바우 영감” or “Gobau Inspiration” was a cartoon series created by Kim Sung-hwan (김성환) wich first appeared in the weekly magazine Manga Shinbo (만화신보) in 1950. From February 1, 1955 Gobau was serialized in the Dong-a Ilbo, an important national newspaper. In 1980, the cartoon moved after 25 years to the Chosun Ilbo, another national […]

New Plate Fault Indentified on Korea Methodist Anniversary Seal

I am pleased to announce that due to the sharp eyes of our former Chairman (and current Publisher) that a new consistent plate fault on the Korea 1934 Methodist Anniversary Seal can be announced. This seal was designed by Dr. Sherwood Hall. While there is no value number on the seal itself, it sold for […]


North Korean stamps: examples

To many collectors the basic rule of stamp collecting is to collect quality stamps. Generally speaking that means buying stamps in mint condition which could be used as an investment to fetch top dollar in the future. However, the collection as shown here are simply my stamp purchases done while staying in North Korea. Such […]

1925 cover with company seal

This cover, franked with a Japanese 3-sen definitive (Scott 131) tied with a comb-style cancellation KEIJO/14.7.16 (July 16, Taisho 14 (1925))/6-9 p.m., was sent to Mr. TAKEDA Chobei and Co. in Osaka, Japan, from the Keijo (Seoul) Branch (”京城支店” in rear lower center) of FUJISAWA Tomokichi (“藤澤友吉”), a precursor store of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. […]


The South Korean Stamp Scene (Part 3)

What follows is an update on my article of 1996 about the investment potential of South Korean stamps. In 1972 (when stamps were touted as investments) Linn’s Weekly Stamp News and others started “Investment Suggestions” which is now called the “Tip of the Week”. In about 1980 Linn’s began a “Trends of Stamp Values” which […]

Incheon local revenue stamps

I made a state-side trip in September, to Seattle, and since my return have been too busy and also have not had an opportunity to add much in the way of information on Korean revenues, until just the other day. A few days ago I was in Pusan, and obtained some of the Inchon City […]


Reader’s Question: What was the use of this quarantine card?

This document (shown here front and back) was for sale some time ago on Kobay, the Korean version of Ebay. I forgot to bid and didn’t see it again, so we have to make do with the photos from the auction.

Reader’s Question: Was their a Russian influence on the 1903 Falcon stamps’ design?

(Editor: a question from reader Jim, currently living in South Korea:) “I’m interested in any information about how the 1903 Postes Imperiales Coree stamp came to be designed and authorized for issue, especially in that it seems that this stamp had Russian influence just prior to the Russo-Japanese War as Russia’s involvement in Korea was […]


A brief biography of Helen Kingsbury Zirkle (1898 – 1976)

My interest in Chinese stamps has focused for the past few years on Manchukuo. During this time I have collected a number of books that have aided my research and one of the most useful has been a book with the catchy title “The Postage Stamps and Commemorative Cancellations of Manchoukuo/Manshukoku, Manchou Tikuo, Manchukuo”, written […]

Revenue stamps in album pages?

What started with a simple article about someone’s stamp album pages has since become quite a series. So far however all the album pages shown by members are used to store and show postal stamps. Fiscal stamps, or revenue stamps, are a completely different story.

Korea-related Philatelic News

Korean Philately Vol. 56 No. 3 (Q3 2020) Published!

The KSS has published a new edition of the KSS magazine, Korean Philately, the third KP of 2020. As a member you can download  this edition of Korean Philately for free as a PDF. And again, just as was the case with issues no. 1 and no. 2 of this year, you can own a […]

Korean Stamp Museum virtual tour makes visiting possible

Because of the corona virus doing the rounds the Korean Stamp Museum is, like so many other such institutes, closed at the moment. However, just a few days ago KoreaPost issued a link on its website to a complete virtual tour of the Korean Stamp Museum. When clicked one starts just outside the museum, underground, […]


KPC3451-3454: Protected Marine Species (3rd)

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 16 July 2020 KoreaPost issued a stamp commemorating the protection of marine species. This is the 3rd series showing protected marine life, both flora and fauna.

KPC3450: Agency for Defense Development 50th Anniversary

(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 16 July 2020 KoreaPost issued a stamp commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Agency for Defense Development (ADD). According to the Wikipedia page for the ADD “the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) is the South Korean national agency for research and development in defense technology, funded by the Defense […]


KSC5273: Sports

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 25 July 2020 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a stamp series simply titled “Sports”. The series was issued “to reflect some sports events.”

KSC5254-5257: Fish Farming

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 11 July 2020 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a stamp series titled “Fish Farming”. The term means according to the KSC: “Fish farming includes artificial incubation of good fish species and breeding fry by industrial methods.”

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