Military postcards and the artists – part 4

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(Originally from KP double number November 2012 / February 2013, Vol. 54 Nr. 4 / Vol. 55 Nr. 1) This article is the sixth part of the award winning exhibit “Military Mail of Korea 1894-1911” beginning in KP 51 #3. 

Request for Help from the Author
I would like to establish contact with fellow collectors of Japanese Military Mail in Korea, 1896 – 1910. It is almost impossible to find anything written about this period, and I am making sweeping statements, not being 100% sure that I am correct. Should anyone wish to exchange or sell covers of this period, I would be pleased to establish contact. I have a large stock of spare material of this period. Contact me, Ken Clark, through the KSS.

FIGURE 8, Type 2 Uch’eso cancel of Cheongsan, sent as Military Mail to Japan.
FIGURE 3, Type 1 Uch’eso cancel of Mumgyeong, sent via Sangju, Korea to Shizuoka-ken, Japan.
FIGURE 11, Type 3 Uch’eso cancel of Sunheung on 3 sen Military overprinted definitive stamp of Japan.
FIGURE 28a, Signing of the Burma Treaty, by Koiso Ryohei.
FIGURE 28b, Burma Independence Ceremony, by Koiso Ryohei.

(Postscript 2018)

Kenneth G. Clark is author of several books about this particular subject, which in turn are based on his 128 page Gold Medal collection. The books he has published are:

  1. The History & Postal History of Japan’s Wars, Volume I
  2. The History & Postal History of Japan’s Wars, Volume II
  3. The Russo-Japanese War, History & Postal History

These books (and many other philatelic books of course) can be found on the Japan Philatelic Group Limited website.


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