Korean FDC’s: “Trying to fill in the blanks”

First Day Covers

“Korea’s Special Souvenir Card for the Gold Medal Winners of the 1960 Olympics” was a neat little historical item in Korean Philately, (November 1997, page 8) contributed by KSS member Jack Kay. The article reminded me of an episode in my early Korean collecting-life. 

Front of stamp information card

The above imaged item, opens to display stamp characteristic data for the two stamps and one Souvenir Sheet, issued August 25, 1960. Korean/Hangul on the left-inside, and English on the right-inside. The rear of the item, contains a map of the lower part the Italian penisula and Greece; as well as a hand holding an Olympic torch. The colors used on the rear, are the same white and blue, as seen on the above image.

Inside (right) of stamp information card


Rear of stamp information card

At some coin show, where several coin/stamp dealers were also present, I purchased the two stamps issued by Korea, to commemorate the 1960 Summer Olympic Games, held in Rome. Also present was the above pictured philatelic item, which the purveyor thought to be the Souvenir Sheet (S/S), which was also released with this two-stamp issue. Later in my collecting career, when the real S/S arrived to take its proper place, it pushed the above-pictured item into my “what-is-it” file. Still later, when I purchased several FDC’s issued by the Korean Philatelic Center, they came with what the dealer called “Inserts”, within each envelope. At that time, I would have more accurately described the “Insert” as a New-Issue Stamp Flyer; but, now know them to be earlier versions of what The Korean Philatelic Agency now calls Oop-yo An-nae Kar-duh/Stamp Information Cards. Still later, I purchased the following imaged-FDC, to go with the long-time lonely Insert/Stamp Information Card.


I do not know the issuer of the above FDC. There are no markings on the rear.


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