Korean Stamp Review (2014 Spring/Summer)

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In existence since 1976 the Korean Stamp Review is the magazine “authorized by KoreaPost” and published by the Korean Philatelic Center, which is also known for the Korea Postage Stamp Catalogue. In Korea it was available printed at high quality. Online the editions from 2002 – 2014 are still available. 

Shown here is the Spring/Summer 2014 edition. This edition had a lot of pages on PHILAKOREA 2014, which was held in Seoul at that time. Usually the Korean Stamp Review has pages on new stamp releases and new cancellations. This was also true for this particular edition. Here are some examples from the 2014 Spring/Summer edition including the cover:


(Please notice these graphics are all from scans, not original graphics artwork.)

Two pages from an article about PhilaKorea 2014:




Finally, an example of cancellations shown at the back of the magazine:


Conclusion: the Korean Stamp Review is a beautifully published magazine, with lots of interest to collectors of Korean stamps. 

Ivo Spanjersberg
Currently KSS Publisher/Webmaster, previously KSS Chairman (2018-2019). Living in Amsterdam. I collect Korean revenue stamps, see my website:

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