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The handbook and catalogue 한국우편요금계기인 or “Study of Meter Franking Stamps in Korea”  was published by the 부산우취회 / Busan Philatelic Club in 1996 on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the BPC. Besides approx. 40 pages of explanations and introductions the handbook contains numerous pictures of individual meter marks and accompanying slogans, spread out over 288 pages. 

The (general) table of contents as listed in the handbook:

  1. Messages/preface (7-18)
  2. Outline of Korean Meter Stamps (19-45)
  3. Kinds of Korean Meter Stamps (46-218)
  4. Appendix (219-270)
  5. Assorted extra texts (271-283)

The third part (” Kinds of Korean Meter Stamps”) is the actual catalogue. There is a 5 page English language explanation by Mr. Kim Seung Je at the end of the handbook, but please note that 98% of the text is in Korean only. A good understanding of the Korean language is needed to properly understand most parts of the handbook.

Cover (scan):

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