Editorial (May 2012)


(Originally from KP May 2012, Vol. 54, No. 2)  I’m pleased to start this editorial with a word of congratulations to our longtime and faithful contributor, Kenneth Clark from the UK, who received a Gold Medal for his exhibit at JAPEX 2012. Thanks for all of your contributions and congratulations on your success! 

The world is focused on Korea because of the rescinding of the treaty that ended the Korean War and the subsequent threats coming out of North Korea. It’s a dangerous time, not only for those living in South Korea, but also for those who are within reach of the North Korean weaponry. I have talked with many of my Korean friends. They tend not to think about the threats too much as they continue on with their lives, but it is clear that they recognize on a daily basis that the threat from the north has escalated.

We have now been living in Florida for the past two months, and we love it! Two of our grandkids spent last week with us, and, even though the weather is cold for Floridians, they spent some time every day in the (unheated) pool and the ocean. They loved picking up shells from the beach! We drove from Minnesota down to Florida, and, with my wife’s “urgings,” I brought many of my stamp albums and miscellaneous covers with me to deliver to Michael Rogers for liquidation. So far, I am retaining my Korean holdings, but it is clear that the time is rapidly coming when I will need to get my collection on the market as my eyes continue to deteriorate.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have a good reserve of articles to include in KP, and the partnership between John and me is working very well. I hope that we will be able to continue to make progress in getting caught up. In the meantime, keep submitting your articles.


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