Korean War Propaganda


(Originally from KP double number November 2012 / February 2013, Vol. 54 Nr. 4 / Vol. 55 Nr. 1) I served in the Korean War with the 2nd Division and briefly with the United Nations Commission Military Armistice Committee (UNCMAC). Hence, I was especially interested in the reprint of “Censored and Military Postal History.” 

Figure 5: Surrender leaflet from the CVA and NK Army

As a follow-up to this article, the following might be of interest to readers of the next KP issue. It is a surrender leaflet in the form of a 1952 Christmas card from the CVA and NK Army addressed to soldiers of the British Commonwealth Division (Figures 5 and 6) I picked this up on a position known as the “Hook,” where our trenches were dug only about 75 yards from those of the Chinese.

Figure 6: Surrender leaflet from the CVA and NK Army (inside)

Incidentally, I have been a member of KSS since the late 1950’s. I served briefly as Associate Editor under Stanley Billey and wrote the long article on inflationary surcharges.


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