Memories of the Armistice


(Originally from KP double number November 2012 / February 2013, Vol. 54 Nr. 4 / Vol. 55 Nr. 1) In the attached photograph (Figure 2), immediately after the signing of the armistice, are, from left to right: Army General Maxwell Taylor, Air Force General Weyland, Army General Mark Clark, and Navy Vice Admiral Briscoe. I happened to be standing at the right place at the right time, only about four feet away! That’s the pen used at the Armistice signing indoors, which I had just witnessed. I was in front of them, practically shoving my camera in their faces and snapping away with my Argus C3. 

The other photo is what I looked like at Munsanni (Figure 3). I served in the Korean War with the 2nd Division and briefly with the United Nations Commission Military Armistice Committee (UNCMAC).

Figure 2: Top Brass After Armistice Signing


Figure 3: Charlie Sandberg at the Time of the Armistice



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