Korean Stamp Catalogue (1946 – 2015) (조선우표목록)

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The most recent edition of the (DPRK/North) Korean Stamp Catalogue or “조선우표목록” is the 10th edition (2016) containing all the stamps published by the DPRK between March 1946 and early November 2015. This catalogue was first reviewed by Taizo Maeda in the August 2003 edition of the KP (Vol. 49, No. 3). 

The catalogue is published by the Korea Stamp Corporation (조선우표사) in Pyongyang, North Korea. The books contains not just all the stamps (officially) published since 1946, but also includes other subjects. For instance stamps published between 1884 and 1903, according to the catalogue the “period of Feudal Joson Dynasty”, are included. Also listed are stamp cards, entires (pre-printed envelopes), postcards, aerogrammes, maxicards, postal letter sheets and stamp booklets.

The book contains a total of 610 pages, which except for a few pages on the Korea Stamp Corporation itself means pages on stamps only. That’s something you notice after a while: there are no advertisements at all for stamp shops in this catalogue. Some example pages are shown here. Please note that these are scans, which are difficult to make under a scanner (the book doesn’t fold back 100%), the book itself looks better than this:

Page 21, showing some of the earlier stamps of the DPRK.


Page 422, showing some of the more recent stamps issued by the DPRK.

The cover of the catalogue is remarkably plain compared to the high quality full-colour printing of the pages inside the cover:

Cover of the KSC catalogue.

The book is available through some channels, such as Ebay sellers (usually from China). 

For more sample pages (also scanned) see this Korean blog.

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  1. Hi guys, does anyone have this catalogue for sale? perhaps you have an old one you would like to sell. thanks

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