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In 1997, I published privately in a limited edition of 150 copies the Catalogue of North Korean Postal Stationery 1947-1961. This has since been somewhat superseded by the DPRK publishing their own version of this catalogue, in the process of which they, let us say, inadvertently, stole much of my information, and, indeed, some of the photographs of my own material were used in their catalogue. 

Since that time, there have been a few finds of new items of the period 1953-1961, the period of the splendid propaganda illustrated cards. However, this article focuses entirely on a recent purchase made in September, 2005, at Stampex, London’s leading philatelic show, where DPRK archive proofs were purchased at my stand. The catalogue numbers referred to are those of my own catalogue with bracketed figures referring to the DPRK produced tome.


Todd #53 (DPRK 53)
(See Figure 1.)
Archive proof with bromide sepia photograph (67mm x 83mm) of DPRK soldiers on roof hunting aircraft at left as used for the issued 5wn pale steel blue on white card, the flagpole being additionally shaded for further depth. The issued card’s illustration (in blue) measures 59mm x 73mm. The inscriptions, in black, are also larger in the proof. The stamp area in the proof measures 25mm x 34 mm; the issued Order of Honour 5wn design is 17mm x 27mm. The file handstamp is dated 23 January 1958. The earliest known usage is 7 September 1958 at Pyongyang (Todd collection).

Figure 1: Todd #53, Proof
Figure 2: Todd #55 Proof, Front

#55 (DPRK 56)

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