Request for Help in Identification, and Possible Explanations


(Originally from KP double number November 2012 / February 2013, Vol. 54 Nr. 4 / Vol. 55 Nr. 1) I hope that I have come to the right place and that I am not causing you any trouble. 

I have been a “collector ” of mainly British Empire stamps for around 40 years and can identify most things without too much difficulty, I also have the support of fellow enthusiasts around me if I run into difficulty with earlier stamps.

I recently bought a very mixed box being an estate clearance and buried near the bottom found a glassine marked “Korea.”

I have searched all the resources that I have and as much as I can find online too but without a great deal of success. It would appear that these date from the Empire and may be a significant little collection.

I have attached high res scans of all the stamps that were in the glassine, and any help at all would be very much appreciated (Figures 9-11).

[Ed. Indeed many of the stamps were early Empire stamps, both issued and not issued. Those shown here are those that are not listed in Scott. Harry Penn posted all of the stamps on the KSS website. One of our members, Florian Eichorn, also offered his observations.]
Figure 9: Stamp value is Japanese. Green one; top is inscribed “Goto bank KK.” bottom: Savings dept. ?redraw?transfer? fee stamp. This is from a Japanese bank named Goto (KK = company on stocks)


Figure 10: Korean fiscal of the 1900/10 period; Inscription says, Korean govt./income tax fiscal. 1 Won. The won values of this series have embossing.


Figure 11: “Chosen” is name of Old Korea. “Government General” is unknown to me. Some sort of label or Cinderella. Orange: “Govt. General of Korea tobacco guarantee seal,” no value stated, so probably a quality/package (weight guarantee) seal and not a fiscal. “Govt. General” was the name of the Japanese government in Koreas colonial period 1910/45.


Figure 12: Purple brown 50 Ch., same fiscal kind as above 2.

Alex responded:
I would just like to say a huge thank you; your expertise is invaluable. Sadly, the stamps themselves are in very poor condition but useful reference material for the future.



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