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Published in July 2012 by the Korean Postal Stationery Society (한국우편엽서회) the Korean Postal Cards Catalogue (한국우편엽서도감) lists all known postal cards starting with cards from the old Korean empire through to the present day Republic of Korea. 

(Scanned from the catalogue.)

The catalogue lists all sorts of postal cards in 410 pages. According to the contents page these types of cards have been catalogued from the ROK:

  • Regular and return postal cards
  • Letter sheets
  • Commemorative postal cards
  • New Year’s postal cards
  • SAEMAUL postal cards
  • Pictorial postal cards
  • Advertising postal cards (both national and local)
  • Parcel postal cards
  • Semi-postal cards
  • Campaign postal cards
  • Celebration and condolence postal cards
  • Customer designed postal cards
  • Post Office electronic postal cards
  • Aerogrammes
  • Government pictorial postal cards (in appendix)

The catalogue is primarily produced with a Korean audience in mind, meaning that you do need quite a good grasp of Korean to be able to use it completely. However, many things are easy to follow and the full colour graphics make it easy to discover what’s in your own collection.

For instance, some time ago I received this envelope from a stamp dealer containing Korean revenue stamps:

(All personal details omitted from scan.) This envelope features quite a lot of different postal things: it is a postal card, contains a meter marking, has postal stamps on it and there is a local delivery notification.

I noticed something “strange” about this envelope: the stamp in the top right corner was printed on the envelope. Because I had no experience with this type of envelope I looked it up in this catalogue and indeed, there it was:

Scanned from the catalogue, actual print quality is much better than this!

Here are the cover and back of the catalogue (from scans):

Complete scan of the cover of the catalogue. It’s not visible in the scan, but the letters POST and CARD have been printed on top of the page in such a way that it looks as if the letters were cut out from actual postal cards and glued on the page.
Back of the catalogue. This incidentally shows a commemorative postal card, CPC4, showing a SAEMAUL (New Village Movement) scene.


Ivo Spanjersberg
Currently KSS Publisher/Webmaster, previously KSS Chairman (2018-2019). Living in Amsterdam. I collect Korean revenue stamps, see my website:

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