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Incheon International Airport in Korea is currently served by 70 airlines from all over the world. This is a far cry from a sole foreign flight by Northwest Airlines back in August, 1947. There have been many “first flights” by various airline carriers into and out of Seoul since then. However, leading up to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, we saw an explosion of “first flights” by foreign carriers. 

On October 31, 1984, Lufthansa German Airlines made its maiden flight from Frankfurt to Seoul. The first flight, with flight number LH654, originated in Frankfurt, Germany, and made a layover at Anchorage, Alaska, before the Boeing 747 landed at Kimpo Airport in Korea on November 1. The return first flight, with flight number LH655, left Seoul on November 1 and landed back in Frankfurt on November 2 via Anchorage.

Figures 1 and 2: First Flight Covers on Luthansa, Frankfurt to Seoul and return, October 31/November 1, 1984
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