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Figures 8 and 9: Often the sending post office strikes the envelope with “postage due” and the receiving post office pastes on a slip of paper
Figure 9: for description see figure 8.

The Hangul writing in these illustrations shows a little of the difference in writing with very block lettering in one and the prettier angled writing in Figure 47. Although the notification of postage due being indicated twice seems unnecessary, it should be noted that most of the time the sending p. o. strikes the envelope “postage due,” and the receiving p. o. also does its postage due work by pasting a slip onto the envelope.

Anything new that could be added to the above would be appreciated.

Lyman Hale
Lyman L. Hale Jr., M.D. (1921-2019) was a longtime KSS member, also editor of KP. Lived in Korea between 1958 and 1986.

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