CG Auction No. 40 Asia single lots (closed June 12th 2018)

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CG Auction #40, Asia section single lots closed 12 June 2018 and the prices realized are online. Let’s take a look at an instructive Republic of Korea (South Korea) lot: lot-nr. 9232A containing the 1948/49 observatory colour shades. 

One of the interesting colour shades of South Korea is the 14 Won cobalt blue, described by the auction staff as:
1948/49, Kyongju observatory in blue, dark blue and cobalt blue, mint never hinged MNH (Michel cat. 503.-) Michel-cat #43a (2), 43b.
Started at 100.-, hammer price was 120.- euros (+ ca. 25% commission/VAT).

Front of three 14 won stamps in different shades.

The average item with the standard colour is seen in the center. The scarce shade, cobalt blue, is at right. The item at left may be considered a weaker version of the standard colour.

Back of the three stamps. Notice the security threads clearly visible in red and blue.

This and other items in the auction can be found at the Gärtner website for CG auction #40 by searching for the term Korea for items offered and prices realized. Note that lots/collections are due June 15, prices realized will be online in the morning of June 16.

Copyright images: Auktionen Gärtner.

Florian Eichhorn
Collects Japan, Korea Kingdom/Empire (covers/postmarks only) and ROK (covers only), China postmarks to 1949 and Dutch East Indies covers/postmarks as sideline.

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