Example of a Handstamp Forgery

Old Korea
[Editor] The following information supplied by Florian Eichhorn was published earlier in KP Vol. 53, No. 4, but because of forgeries of Korean philatelic materials showing up so often it is shown here as a warning. If anybody has information regarding forgeries please let us know. Together we can try to minimize the risks of (new) philatelists falling for these practices! 

“The following figure, appearing in an auction, is a ridiculous forgery by adding a fantasy handstamp (anchor ‘lent’ from the French, the rest is fantasy) to a cto ppc. 1 C. was insufficient any postage. There are also no transit or delivery marks.”

KPSC nr. 37 from the “Eagle Regular Series”, with CTO postmark 22 NOV 04.
Florian Eichhorn
Collects Japan, Korea Kingdom/Empire (covers/postmarks only) and ROK (covers only), China postmarks to 1949 and Dutch East Indies covers/postmarks as sideline.

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