Revenue stamps used on cover (Kobay)

Revenue stamps

For philatelists interested in Korean philatelic items the best source of information is probably Kobay. Unfortunately Kobay is available in Korean only and ordering can due to the constraints effectively only be done by Korean nationals. However, seller “jsm654” recently listed several interesting covers which we would like to show to non-Korean speaking philatelists. 

The first cover was sent in August 1977 to a recipient in Seoul. It was “franked” with two RP65 revenue stamps, making a total “postage” of 20 won. The postal services didn’t fall for the trick and even refused to cancel the revenue stamps. A total of 40 won postage due was demanded.

RP65 (2x) on cover, 29 August 1977.

The second cover was sent in April 1975 and was franked with a RP72 stamp (value 10 won). This time the sender got lucky: the postal services accepted the revenue stamp and cancelled it with a 동대문 (Dongdaemun, Seoul) cancellation.

RP72 on cover, 12 April 1975.

Finally a cover sent in August 1977. This time a single RP73 (30 won) was used. Like with the first cover shown the postal services didn’t go for this one either, asking for another 40 won postage due payment.

RP73 on cover, 5 August 1977.

Asking prices for the covers were 30.000 won each. Despite being interesting postal history, they were not sold at these prices. Notice something about the dates on at least one of these covers: the Hasegawa catalogue lists a likely publication date of 9 June 1976 for the RP72 (KR72). That’s more than a year after the cancellation date on the second cover.

All pictures: copyright Kobay seller jsm654.

Ivo Spanjersberg
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