1951 Korean Overprints on Cover

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(Originally from KP double number November 2012 / February 2013, Vol. 54 Nr. 4 / Vol. 55 Nr. 1) In 60 years of searching here is the only cover showing commercial use of the 1951 Wartime Overprints that I have been able to locate (Figure 7). Do you or any KSS members have others? Because of wartime conditions, most internal mail containing these stamps was used as paper to kindle fires. 

Figure 7: Cover Containing Four Overprints, Commercial Use

Incidentally, I have been a member of KSS since the late 1950’s. I served briefly as Associate Editor under Stanley Billey and wrote the long article on inflationary surcharges. My single effort writing for KP was in the seminal KP article on the 1951 Wartime Provisional Overprints that later was published as a separate piece. Using this article, Linns featured a story on its first page exactly fifty years ago.


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