“De postgeschiedenis van het Belgisch-Luxemburgse vrijwilligerskorps in Korea 1950-1955” by Henri Smets

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Originally published in French as “Histoire postale du Corps de Volontaires Belgo-Luxembourgeois en Corée” in 2002 by Henri Smets a Dutch translation by W. Major was published in that same year. Titled “Postgeschiedenis van het Belgisch-Luxemburgs Vrijwilligerskorps voor Korea” the Dutch version contains 165 numbered pages with philatelic information on the Belgian and Luxembourg UN contingents fighting during the Korean War.

The combined Belgian-Luxembourg contingent numbered 3587 Belgians and 85 Luxembourgers plus approx. 250 (South) Koreans. Examples of postal history from all these groups are shown in this publication. The publication contains highly detailed information regarding postal uses, including many photos/scans of envelopes and such.

Shown here are a few pages as examples. Please note these are scans, not original artwork! The original publication used here was self-published by the author. Only the cover has colour, all other pages are b/w.

Cover of the publication.
Page 1 of publication.
Page 1 of publication: introduction/background to Korean War and Belgian/Luxembourg involvement.
Page 57 of publication: notice the airmail vignette to the left.
Page 66 of publication: examples of why/when no postage needed.
Page 67 of publication: specific forms of airmail.
Page 97 of publication: connection with SABENA, the (former) Belgian airline company.
Page 98 of publication: Belgian involvement in the peace process at Panmunjon.
Page 141 of publication: contents of publication.
Page 142 of publication: contents (continued).
Page 161 of publication: example of addendums in publication.
Page 162 of publication: example of addendums in publication, here specifically postal rates.

Please note this specific copy of the publication came from the Dutch philatelic library, which is maintained by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Bond van Filatelistenverenigingen (KNBF).


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