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In August, 2018, Helen Zirkle’s publication “Philatelic handbook for Korea, 1884-1905”, which was published in 1970, was added to the KSS website for the members to peruse and download. Earlier, in 1966 Ms. Zirkle also wrote for the Korea Stamp Society one of the first comprehensive publications of the Korean seals, called “The Christmas-Tuberculosis Seals of Korea”. It was published by David G. Phillips. It includes information about the Korean seals from 1932 through 1965. 

Ms. Zirkle notes that they interviewed Dr. Sherwood Hall, the founder for the Korea Christmas Seal Committee in 1932, and Mrs. Roy K. Smith, who was the salesperson for Pyeng An Province for the sales of the seals from 1939-41, for information that had not been formerly made available about the seals. Other information within the publication was credit given to Green’s TB Seals of the World and the Dilley Catalogue 1932-62. At the end of the publication is a price list of seals as of August, 1966.

Members can now read and download Ms. Zirkle’s publication on seals (see below).

Sample pages from The Christmas-Tuberculosis Seals of Korea by Helen K. Zirkle
Cover of “The Christmas-Tuberculosis Seals of Korea”.
Page 5: examples of postcard and envelope.
Page 9: example of page showing seals with details.
Page 26: showing the (at the time) modern Christmas seals.


The Christmas-Tuberculosis Seals of Korea
By Helen K. Zirkle
Published 1966 by David G. Phillips for the Korea Stamp Society
Letter format totalling 31 pages (27 numbered)

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