South Korean booklets and color bars (I)


Since 1956 South Korea sporadically issued “Official Booklets” of a few of their definitive stamps. The three issued through 1974 (7/20/1956, 7/25/1958 and 4/20/1974) contained 5 panes of 6 stamps each. The two issued 9/30/1981 contained 1 pane of 16 (8×2) each and the one issued 11/15/1984 had 1 pane of 10 (5×2). 

It wasn’t until 12/20/1988 that the Ministry of Communication issued a “Collector Booklet”* for the “Successful Completion of the 1988 Olympic Games” (KPC #1535, Scott B53). The floodgates for booklets burst open when they issued one for the 89th Rotary International Convention (KPC #1565, Scott 1534) on 5/20/1989. Thereafter ALL commemorative stamps (and a few definitives) were issued as “Collector Booklets” until 1/11/1994, after which 11 commemoratives were missing through 5/30/1998 (in 1994-5 the “Collector Booklets” had morphed into “Portable Booklets”**) and on 8/14/1998 they were again issued until their demise with the 10th Beauty Series (11/16/2000)***.

Explanation of notes:
*“Collector Booklet” issued as a descriptive cardboard folder with 4 unused stamps and selvage inside and 1 stamp on the outside which was cancelled on the 1st day of issue.
**“Portable Booklet” issued as a descriptive glossy folder with 10 stamps (5x2) with selvage inside.
***On 7/1/2003, MIC issued 2 x 190 Won definitive self-adhesive booklets
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First part of series
This is the first part of a series of articles by Stewart Steres on the color bars seen on certain booklets published by KoreaPost.

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