Do These Korean Stamps Really Exist? Time for a Quick Update.

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Previously, in the forum, I had posted the comment/question highlighted below, about whether some of the Korean stamps I have been looking for to add to my collection, really exist. My research began in earnest when I began to help the KSS find the old missing Korean Philatelic (KP) magazines so that they can be downloaded on this new KSS website. As I found the old copies, I began reading all of the KP’s I had kept in my files, which are around 90% of those copies of KP that were issued, since late 1951. 

In addition, I searched through most of the Korean philatelic books I have accumulated over the years, looking for articles on the stamp issues that I cannot find. I found quite a bit of information. I can now make an interim report back to the group to answer some of my own question. It appears that there may be future articles on some of these items in the future as I try to find more information on them.

I have been collecting Korean stamps for nearly 60 years and there are some Korean stamps I have never seen mint or used, even with low catalogue values, and I wonder if they exist? These are Scott numbers: the 1900-01 series, 20Ba, perforation 10 2ch pale, cat. value $50 mint, $45 used; the 1946 issue 59b Double Surcharge, 30ch on 27s rose, cat. value $25 mint, not listed used; 1951 issues, 129a inverted surcharge, 300wn 10wn, cat. value $32.50 mint, not listed used; 130a inverted surcharge, 300wn on 20wn, cat. value $35 mint; 1952 issue 174a inverted surcharge, 300wn on 4wn, cat. value 32.50 and 181a, inverted surcharge, 300wn on 100wn, cat. value $45 mint; 1956 212E, 15h violet, horizontal laid paper, Scott mentions, no cat. value.

First, I would like to know if anybody has even seen these, and secondly, if you have them, would you be interested in selling them to me.

In reading the old KP’s and looking at my Korean literature in detail, I answered some of my questions. However, questions remain about most of them.

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The late Robert Jones, editor of the KSS, wrote in 1973 the best article that I could find on the laid paper issues. In it he stated that C17-9 and 212E were the most difficult to find of the laid paper issues in the horizontal paper variety. However, Scott says only C18-9 (not C17) exist in horizontal laid paper so I wonder if this 212E exists. I know that not many Korean collectors specialize in the laid paper varieties, but if anyone has information on these, it would be welcomed.

Korean Philately Vol XXII No. 2 (May 1973)
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  1. An even newer update on this article since I wrote it, is that with the help of Ivo Spanjersberg we have seen Scott 129a, 130a, 174a and 181a advertised in Korea by Korean stamp dealers. I have also written an article on the laid paper issues that will be published at a later date, and it seems that a long ago survey in the past of KSS members found that the 212E in horizontal laid paper does exist, at least in used condition, but I still have not found that one listed anywhere.

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