Dr. Hall’s Christmas and New Year Seal Collection Donation to the Smithsonian


In reading old issues of Korean Philatelic (KP) before scanning for the new KSS website, I noticed that Dr. Sherwood Hall’s personal collection of Christmas and New Year’s seals was donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1972. I was not even aware of this collection. Then in the May, 1974 issue of the KP, James Kerr wrote an article on how he was involved in the facilitating the donation of the collection to the Smithsonian. (See attachment). I decided to see if I could find the collection to see if there was any new information on the seals that could be made available to the KSS. 

James Kerr’s article with the photo of Dr. Hall’s daughter, Phyllis Hall King, giving the donation to the Smithsonian Curator, Carl Scheele, was the key in locating the collection. I did a few searches on the Smithsonian website, but could not find any references to the collection.

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