Mistaken Identity

North Korea

This return to an old question was motivated by the 2003 Scott listing of North Korea, where the man on this 1952 stamp (Sc30) is identified as General P’eng Teh-huai – he was the Commander of the Chinese forces in the Korean War, and later Chinese Defence Minister, and victim of the Cultural Revolution. In this, Scott is in agreement with Gibbons (SGN52), but Michel (Mi48) identifies him as General Tang Hu-shan. 

People with somewhat longer memories will recall that Gibbons used to refer to him as Gen. Fang Hu-shan. This in itself is somewhat strange, since Basil Drennan, the original cataloguer for North Korea at Gibbons, identified the man as Kim Il Sung in an article in Gibbons’ Stamp Monthly in January 1956, only to correct it to Gen. Ban Hou-san in a later article in the September 1956 issue, after having seen Mizuhara’s article mentioned below.

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  1. This man is confirmed to be General Pang Ho-San by North Korean Postal authorities. But as Prof. MacKeown mentioned, he was deprived all his honours in 1955 and everything about him was deleted in NK history after 1959. That explained why no trace of records in KSC. Perforated stamps seems to be made locally and rare.

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