The 1959 “Peaceful Reunification of Korea” stamps: addendum

North Korea

In September 2018 KSS member Yi Yong Suk asked a question regarding his set of 1959 “Peaceful Reunification of Korea” stamps (Scott 175a / A141; KSC 151). He himself was wondering whether these stamps were real. A good way of establishing this is to see if the (exact same version of such) stamps are known postally used. One of our members, Kevin Mackeown, sent one cancelled example, but then soon afterwards realized he had more than just a stamp with a cancellation… 

First the stamp with the cancellation. This stamp was shown underneath the original article, in the comments section.

Scott 175a / A141; KSC 151

But here is the same Scott 175a, postally used on cover:

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If any reader has other examples please contact us, we are always looking for more such examples!


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