The 1937 Korean Christmas and New Year Seal


The 1937 Korean Christmas and New Year seal, like the 1936 seal, is not very complicated from a collecting standpoint. There are the single seal, booklets, sheets of 25, and postcards. The design of the seal show two boys spinning tops, as a woman with a baby watches them play. The building pictured in the background is the Pyongyang River Gate, in what is now North Korea. See Figure 1. This seal was designed by Kim Ki-chang, a famous artist in Korea whose artwork is still sought after today. He became deaf when he was four years old from typhoid fever. 

Single Seals, Booklet and Sheets
The 1937 seal was again printed at the YMCA Printing Department in Seoul, using the lithography printing process. It was printed on un-watermarked, gummed, laid paper, with perforation 11. It was printed in sheets of 25 (5 x 5). It was issued on November 11, 1937.

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