The 1957 Boy Scout and 1958 Second Postal Week Issues

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Korean Philately (KP) had a very interesting article about two souvenir sheets in the 1974 Volume 3 issue about the 1957 Boy Scout and the 1958 Second Postal Week sheets. Each of these sheets has a variety that is very rare and these varieties are missing in most of the Korean collections. This author would like to know if anyone has either of the two in their collection and could share a scan of them with the Korean Stamp Society (KSS). 

Figure 1: 1957 Boy Scout souvenir sheet

Figures 1 and 2 are scans of the normal issued souvenir sheets, see Figure 3 for the article in KP. As the article states, the Boy Scout souvenir sheet’s usual inscription is 4 mm in height; there is a variety where the inscription is smaller and only 3 mm in height. The Scott numbers for the Boy Scout issue is 245-6, but they do not list this souvenir sheet, as they consider it a presentation sheet.

Figure 2: 1958 Second Postal Week souvenir sheet

The 2019 Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) does list the Boy Scout souvenir sheet as 179-80a. The normal sheet is quite rare by itself, but can be found, even on eBay, and it is valued by the KPSC at 4,500,000 won ($4000). It is a very popular souvenir sheet, as there are demands for obtaining one by topical collectors for Boy Scout issues, as well as by the Korean collector. The KPSC lists the smaller inscription as 179-80b and values it at 6,000,000 won ($5400). This author has never seen one of the smaller inscriptions for sale nor listed in an auction.

The Second Postal Issue exists with the top margin description missing. Scott does list the normal souvenir sheet of this issue as 283a; it is quite scarce in its own right, and Scott values it at $2000 in italics. Scott does not mention the variety that has the missing the top margin description. The KPSC lists the normal souvenir sheet as 191a and values it at 3,200,000 won ($2900). The KPSC also lists the souvenir sheet without the top margin description as 191b and it is valued at 8,000,000 won ($7200). The author has also never seen one without the top margin description, nor listed neither for sale, nor in an auction.

Figure 3: KP Vol. XXIII No. 3 page 87 article titled “A tale of two sheets”.
Figure 4: from same article.

So, if anyone has information and/or photos of these rare varieties, please share with them with the KSS.


4 thoughts on “The 1957 Boy Scout and 1958 Second Postal Week Issues

  1. I have a 1958 Second Postal Week souvenir sheet without the top/bottom margin description (I also have one with the description as well). I was wondering if you have more details in regards to this souvenir sheet along with how you were able to find the valuation on them.

    1. Hi Matthew. Thanks so much for providing your information about your souvenir sheets. I still haven’t seen one or even a image of one. If you can provide a scan to me, I believe for that maybe it would be first time ever in a philatelic magazine that there would be a image in color of this souvenir sheet without the description.

      Where I got the valuation was from the 2019 Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC), where it gives the value of 8,000,000 won, which was the equivalent of US$7200 back then. The US$ has become stronger since then and the 8,000,000 won is now worth about US$6000. In the newer 2022 KPSC, it still lists that sheet, but doesn’t give a value as there probably haven’t been any sales of it in past number of years. .

      The KPSC typically overvalues items somewhat. For example the regular 1958 Second Postal Week souvenir sheet is rare in itself and the most recent Scott Catalogue gives it the number 283a, and price is in italics of $1,950, which means Scott doesn’t have records of recent sales of it. The KPSC gives it the catalogue number of C116a, says 2000 were issued and values it at 3,800,000 won or about $2830, quite a bit more than Scott’s value.

      So I believe the only way to see the value of the one without the description is for one to sold through an auction. A private buyer might even be higher, but we wouldn’t know about that happening.

      Again, thank you very much for providing your information and if you can please send us a scan, it would be fantastic for the KSS to put this on our website and maybe also in a future Korean Philately magazine. Bob

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