The 1938 Korean Christmas and New Year Seal: Boys Playing Shuttlecock


The 1938 Korean Christmas and New Year seal program differs from past years in that there were two different booklet sizes. Other than the different booklets, there were sheets of 25 (5 x5) and two postcards designs. Some observers believe that the previous year program, 1937, was the peak in popularity and sales of Dr. Hall’s seal program, and that fewer seals were sold in 1938. 

Two Different Booklets
The design of the seal shows two boys playing shuttlecock while a girl watches them play. The building in the background is the Temple of Heaven near the Chosen Hotel in Seoul. The design was again by Kim Ki-chang. See Figure 1. The brochure given out with the sheets of seals gives an excellent background on Kim Ki-chang, and also describes the game of shuttlecock in Korea. See Figure 2.

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