South Korean booklets and color bars (V)


This is Part 5 of the BOOKLETS WITH COLOR BARS article. On 1/24/1994 the Ministry issued the first “Portable Booklet” to commemorate the 21st U.P.U. Congress (3rd issue). This issue started the color bars for a total of 15 issues through 3/27/1996. All of these were in the “Portable Booklet” format. For explanation see part 1 in this series. 

The ninth booklet was the 7/2/1990, 150 Won White Porcelain Jar definitive and was issued on 3/20/1996:

Cover of booklet for stamp S1591a/KPSC-R276, issued on 2 July 1990. Note the White color bar (back side of booklet).
Color code 2: yellow
Color code 5: white (not visible)

The tenth and last booklet with color bars was the 10/16/1995, 400 Won Blue 747 Airplane issued on 3/27/1996:

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