KPC3367: Centennial Anniversary of Korea Provisional Government

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(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 11 April 2019 KoreaPost released a stamp commemorating the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Provisional Government. The event commemorated with this stamp’s release is directly related to another event of 100 years ago, the March First Movement of 1919, also commemorated by a recent stamp release.

KoreaPost released this stamp in a commemorative (souvenir) stamp sheet of 16 (4×4) stamps of 330 won each, printed by Cartor for POSA:

KPC3367 stamp sheet

The details of the stamp as listed at the time of this publication:

대한민국 임시정부 수립 100주년

인쇄 및 색수
발행일2019. 4. 11.

KoreaPost released the following text about this release:

In remembrance and commemoration of the past 100 years, Korea Post will issue a series of commemorative stamps in the hope that the following 100 years ahead will be also filled with hope.

The March 1st Movement, which swept through the entire nation like wildfire, gave hope to the Korean national leaders and independent activists who had fought courageously against the Japanese colonialists at home and abroad, and led to successive independence movements and the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. On April 11, 1919, shortly after the March 1st Movement, 29 independent activists gathered at the French concession of Shanghai and held a temporary meeting of the Korean Provisional Congress where they declared the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government. The history of the Republic of Korea began with the establishment of the KPG.

The Korean Provisional Government was a Democratic Republic government which introduced the presidential system with the three separate powers of legislative, administrative, and judicial branches. The KPG was formed with the first elected President Syngman Rhee, Premier and Defense Minister Yi Dong-hwi who had led the Korean National Association, Foreign Affairs Minister Kim Kyu-sik, Internal Affairs Minister Ahn Chang-ho, and Justice Minister Shin Kyu-sik and others. Since its establishment, the KPG had played a pivotal role in Koreas independence movements for 27 years until the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945.

The Constitution of the Republic of Korea states, We, the people of Korea proud of a resplendent history and traditions dating from time immemorial, uphold the cause of the Provisional Republic of the Korea Government born of the March First Movement of 1919. This clearly indicates that the establishment of the KPG is of great significance for the Korean people as it provided the turning point in our history. As the ideological government of the Korean people, the KPG tried to integrate nationwide independence movements and served as the only organization abroad that ceaselessly resisted Japanese colonial rule until Korea eventually gained independence in 1945. The sublime values of the KPG that clearly showed the Korean peoples strong will for independence must be remembered at all times.

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