Reader’s Question: Too early day of issue of DPRK stamps?


(Reader’s question/Q&A) While browsing Ebay I recently ran into a listing which I first thought had read incorrectly. It was the “The 80th Anniversary of the Victorious Battles in the Musan Area” set of stamps, with a date of publication of 22 May 2019. However, despite these stamps’ future day of issue here they were, available from a (Chinese) Ebay seller.

These stamps have the list numbers KSC5213-5214 and come at 30 won resp. 50 won. The seller is offering the imperforated stamp and stamp sheet, the FDC for the imperforated stamp and stamp sheet and the FDC for the perforated stamp and stamp sheet.

The question is: how is this possible?

FDC with perforated stamps
FDC with imperforated stamps
Imperforated stamps

Please note the KSS has no affiliation whatsoever with this or any other Ebay seller. 


1 thought on “Reader’s Question: Too early day of issue of DPRK stamps?

  1. The policy of KSC is: when the stamp is printed done and deliver to the market, sellers can start selling.
    The date of issuance is just because they need an issuance date……for reference only.
    Very many examples like this: some stamps said (and recorded) to be issued in Feb but the actual issuance date was in April.
    So, theoretically, you can buy this set first on ebay, then fly to North Korea, use this stamp to send a postcard to your home country, and you will get a “rare” postal history product before the “actual” issuance date.

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