Reader’s Question: Imperforated Scott 429 / KSC 393


The picture below is the 1962 Scott #429 / KSC #393 imperforated 10 jeon “Launch of Soviet Manned Rockets Vostok 3&4”. The KSC does mention an imperforated version. However, the Scott catalog does not mention an imperforated version of this stamp. I wonder how many of our readers have seen or possess this stamp? 

Front and reverse of Scott 429 / KSC 393.

Examples of domestic postal use of the stamp would be especially interesting.


2 thoughts on “Reader’s Question: Imperforated Scott 429 / KSC 393

  1. There are so many different varieties of imperforated issues from both North and South Korea ( from 1946) that Scott decided not to list them. It would be great if someone issued a specialized catalog of these imperforated stamps, but to my knowledge, there has been one. If any reader knows of one, please let us know.

  2. There is a couple of FDCs on Delcampe featuring the imperforated version. Selling prices range from €7 to €10. Just search ‘Korea FDC 1962’.

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