KSC5215A-5215B On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage

New Releases DPRK

(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has issued two souvenir sheets with both one stamp each reflecting the main idea of the policy delivered by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un a the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK on April 12 Juche 108 (2019).

The stamps reflect the ideas of raising the Party leadership as the lifeline and holding fast to the revolutionary line of independence in State building and activities as well as the idea of giving full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance while adhering to the line of building an independent national economy.

Souvenir Sheets

The one souvenir sheet with 100 won stamp shows the “Revolutionary line of independence”:

KSC5215A (perf.)

The other souvenir sheet with 100 won stamp shows the “Line of building an independent national economy”:

KSC5215B (perf.)


The souvenir sheets are also available as FDCs:

fp5215A FDC
fp5215B FDC

Technical details

1. Souvenir sheets (2 values)
Date of Issue: June 1 Juche 108 (2019)
Stock No.: 5215A – 5215B
Size: 129 x 65 mm, 90 x 32 mm (stamp)
Denomination: 100 won x 2
Designers: Choe Chol Man, Kim Hae Yong, Kim Won Myong, Choe Kuk Chol
Quantity: 2/30.000 (Perf.), 2/1.000 (Imperf.)
2. FDCs (2 values)
Size: 176 x 125 mm
Designer: Ri Jin Hyok
Quantity: 2.500

All images in page copyright: 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation.

Stamp release news is strictly for philatelic purposes only.

Buying DPRK stamps
Besides ordering directly from the KSC, North Korean new issues are also available through our member Per-Olof Jönsson’s store on Delcampe or by contacting him directly by email at koreascandia@yahoo.com. Please note that all business is done without any KSS involvement, KSS assumes no responsibility for any dealings with any stamp dealer.
Per-Olof Jönsson
I am member of KSS and collector of North Korean stamps since very long. I happen to be Client No. 2 at KSC, importing and selling DPRK stamps since 2005. Now also proud member of the KSS “North Korea Specialist Collectors” and responsible for the KSS New Releases DPRK.

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