Follow-Up to Dr. Hall’s Smithsonian Collection Article


In the December 15, 2018 article on Dr. Hall’s donation of his Christmas seal collection to the Smithsonian Institute in 1972, it was noted that the collection had been found at the request of the author. It had been moved to the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC in 1993. It was written that the author was following up on what was actually in the collection.

The National Postal Museum, through the kind efforts of Elizabeth Heydt, went through the collection for the KSS, and she describes the content as follows:

“It consists of three volumes, with material held in photo sleeves loosely in each album. There are a few handwritten notes amongst the stamps and ephemera.

Volume 1: December 13, 1972 article on Dr. Hall and family, Richmond Review; September 13, 1972 letter from Constance M. Ellison about collection; December 12, 1972 White House letter to Mrs. Edward G. King, Jr. about the collection; “Korea India Tuberculosis Control in Two Lands” article reprinted from the World Outlook; one small Korean publication with image of School for Hygiene for the Tuberculosis pictured on front; one small publication entitled “The Model Village where living well means getting well”; copy of “The Christmas-Tuberculosis Seals of Korea” by Helen K. Zirkle, 1966 for the Korea Stamp Society; followed by information on first seal design and examples of seals in booklet, strip, or singles; continues with each following design, some accompanied by ephemera such as story booklets, campaign newsletters, etc.; copy of article “New Aspects of the 1939 Christmas Seal Campaign” by Sherwood Hall from “The Korea Mission Field”; ends with 1962 and 1963 seals issued by Korea after the Korean War, mostly singles

Volume 2: Mounted sheets of India Christmas Seals for the Eradication of Tuberculosis, First Year (1941?) to Twentieth Year (1960-61) and Twenty-second Year (1962-63); plus color separations of Fifteenth Year sheet

Volume 3: Materials related to the Christmas Seal designs of India; Information on design of first two issues, continues with mounted sheets of later years, 1940s to 1960s plus ephemera like greeting cards or campaign newsletters.”

Elizabeth also took photos and following are some examples of what is in the collection. The photo of Dr. Hall original design of the 1934 seal that was rejected, may be the first time it has been published in colour.

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