KSC5215E-5215F: China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition

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(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) The Korea Stamp Corporation has published two stamps showing the yellow crane tower and the 13-storeyed pagoda of Pohyon Temple to commemorate the China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition.

According to the KSC the “two stamps were issued to mark China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition which is to be held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The stamps reflect 13-storeyed pagoda of Pohyon Temple in Mt Myohyang which is counted as one of the famous mountains in our country and yellow crane tower which is the well-known historical relics in Wuhan.


The stamps in the series have the following values/designs:

  • 30 won stamp: 13-storeyed pagoda of Pohyon Temple
  • 30 won stamp: Yellow crane tower
Stamps in series KSC5215E-5215F. Stamps shown are perforated stamps, however imperforated versions of these stamps were also issued.

Technical details

1. Stamps (2 values)
Date of Issue: June 11 Juche 108 (2019)
Stock No.: 5215E - 5215F
Size: 120 x 130 mm, 30 x 42 mm (stamp)
Denomination: 30 won x 2
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Sheet Composition: 2 x 2
Quantity: 2/20 000 (Perf.), 2/2 000 (Imperf.)
2. FDC
Size: 162 x 114 mm
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Quantity: 500
3. Postcard(3D)
Stock No.: 731A
Size: 148 x 105 mm
Denomination: 30 won
Designer: Kim Kyong Min
Quantity: 500
4. Coin Entire
Stock No.: 427A
Size: 220 x 110 mm
Denomination: 30 won
Designer: Ri Chol Min
Quantity: 500


Included in the series is one sheet, which is mysteriously not listed by the KSC in the stamp numbering system but which is shown in the leaflet (see below for stamp issue leaflet):

Sheet (no number) with 2 x 2 stamps plus two different seals.


The series is also available on FDC:

FDC Fp5215E-5215F


The postcard issued for this series:

Postcard Ps731A


An “entire” was also published by the KSC:

Entire En427A

Stamp leaflet

The new issue stamp leaflet for this issue:

Leaflet (front)
Leaflet (inside)

All images in page copyright: 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation.

Stamp release news is strictly for philatelic purposes only.

Jo Pieters
My name is Jo Pieters. I’m living in Sittard, The Netherlands. I am interested in Korea in general and in collecting stamps of Korea. In 2012 I became a member of the KSS.

5 thoughts on “KSC5215E-5215F: China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition

  1. I’m not 100% sure (because not really pay attention to newly issued stamps for a long time), but please note that sheet composition of stamps (2 values) is 2×2. Which means, these 2 stamps are only issued in the format of small sheet of 2×2 plus labels, similar to se-tenant. and no single stamp sheet issued.

  2. But the strange thing is: there is no ordering number for the souvenir sheet on the information leaflet. The price of the sheet should nominally be 2 x 2 x 30 = 120 won, but it seems only se-tenant prices (at 60 won; twice the price for imperfs) are listed. I think the sheet can’t be ordered directly from the KSC. Given that this issue is about the China stamp exhibition: perhaps some Chinese dealer made a deal with the KSC?

  3. If you want a sheet, just order 2 sets!
    To my personal opinion, this is a very typical Korean logic, since many modern DPRK stamps are issued only in small sheet with labels. I think that is a very similar situation to KSC5199C-5199D: World Horticultural Expo 2019 Beijing. This single stamp even didn’t mention about sheet composition. If you are interested in it, let’s find out what else!

  4. Fig. 1 & 2 were original designs of stamp sheet and coin cover for 2019 China world stamp Exhibition. 2 different bridge images were used as backgrounds. However, these 2 bridge images were obtained from Baidu, and the actual bridges did not locate in the host city of Wuhan. So at the end, DPRK changed the background to Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, shown in Fig 3 & 4. The Fig. 1 & 2 sheet and coin cover were not really printed.

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