Modern DPRK rarities (1): Unissued 2012 3D giant panda stamps

North Korea

In 2012 the DPRK issued a set of giant panda stamps. This set consisted of 2 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet. The KSC numbers given to these stamps were 4838-4840.

KSC4840 (“a pair of pandas”; 120won s/s).

The details for these stamps are:

  • 4838: panda on the tree (70won)
  • 4839: mother panda and baby (90won)
  • 4840: a pair of pandas (120won s/s)
KSC4838 (“panda on the tree”; 70won) and KSC4839 (“mother panda and baby”; 90won).

However, recently I acquired another set of DPRK giant panda stamps. This set is also with 2 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet. The face-value of 2 stamps are also 70 won and 90 won, and the face-value of the souvenir sheet is identical at 120 won. This set was also issued in 2012. The peculiar point is: this set is a 3D set, 2 stamps are with bi-changeable images. And this 3D set is NOT recorded in Korean Stamp Catalogue, 2015 edition.

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