Korean Military Advisor Correspondence (1955)

Military Mail

(Translated by Le Tuyet Mai.) The envelope shown in Figure 1 was sent from the office of Korean Advisory Commander-Assistant to Lieutenant-Colonel, belonging to MC Advisory Team (KMAG-V Korean Military Advisory Group-Vietnam), belonging to APO 91 US Forces (Division: Foot-band no. 91- US Army) in Vietnam. The letter was postmarked Pungsan (Korea), 17-11-1955. Perhaps, this Korean lieutenant-colonel was an advisor attached to the MAAG, belonging to US Army in Vietnam. 

In order to support French soldiers during Indo-Chinese War against Viet Minh armed forces, in September 1950, US President Harry Truman had appointed a Military Assistance Advisory Group – MAAG to Vietnam. This group did not implement the duty as fighting soldiers, but it did supervise use of military equipment provided by the US, which had value of 10 million USD, in order to support French in their efforts against to Vietnam armed forces.

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