KoreaPost Video: “The springtime of my life is always now!”

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KoreaPost release a new video on their YouTube channel. The video shows an artist creating professional style calligraphy on an envelope inspired by the 2018 “Post Culture Week” stamps. These stamps, released in October 2018, were meant to promote letter writing. The video shows how far this can be taken.

Creating the envelope.

The stamps used show the hanja (Chinese characters) for Flower and Spring. With the original release came a text, which in part reads: ” The calligrapher has depicted the word 봄 with the images of sprouts and flowers to convey the message that we have got nothing to fear so long as we believe that The Spring of My Life is Now. The calligraphic work instills us with the courage to be brave and the hope that we can change at any given moment.” 

Which stamp to use…?
Funny detail: why use a glue-stick? I seem to remember there was a different method for that…
And a surprise: a second envelope. Although, given that the series came with two stamps this should have been expected. The text reads “The springtime of my life is always now!

And finally here is the video:


 Copyrights: KoreaPost and Youtube.

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