Dr. Hall Was a Stamp Collector Too!


Dr. Sherwood Hall, the creator of the Korean tuberculosis Christmas and New Year seals, was an avid stamp collector. His hobby of collecting of stamps, besides his knowledge of how the seals successfully raised money in other countries to fight tuberculosis, probably contributed to his original idea to promote the seals in Korea to fight tuberculosis. 

In a previous articles on the Korean seal program it was discussed how Dr. Hall created a variety of items associated with the seals to help promote the seals. These items included his personal stationery of writing paper with the Christmas Seal Committee’s letterhead and envelopes. Some of stationery had pre-printed messages about the seal program, and some were blank so that a personal message could be written on them.

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It appears that, at least in this case, Dr. Hall, like many collectors was not good at predicting rarity of stamps. Scott values the set at only $17.75 in mint condition.


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