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During the course of collecting South Korean stamps since 1983 the problem of how to store the collection is always a difficult one. Stamp album page published by various companies are the traditional method for keeping a collection for easy access and viewing. Using Showgard or comparable stamp mounts preserves the stamps well but the album solution is fraught with problems. Updates are sporadic and often full of errors. The quality of the printing, paper and captions are often very poor.

Page for KPSC2535-2538

After considerable thought I decided the best solution was to create my own stamp album pages. This means all the documentation can be in whatever language you select (English in my case) and customized to the contents of the collection. Using a Canon iP7200 photo printer with Neenah heavy weight 96 bright white paper (65 lb. or 175 gm/m²) the 8-1/2” x 11” album pages are of excellent quality. Once the stamps are mounted each page is than placed in a clear plastic sheet protector (C-Line No. 00010) and then put into a three-ring binder.

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6 thoughts on “Korean Stamp Album Pages

  1. Thank you for the ‘make your own Korea pages’. They may be beyond my limited computer use knowledge but seems a good idea…

    Thank you for your time to the Korean Stamp Society, I always read the articles and think I learn something from every edition.
    Glenis Hill

  2. Thanks for your article on designing Korean stamp album pages. I’ve been testing the album page creation waters with my little toe for a while and your article inspires me to jump into the deep end now.

    Pete Silvers

    1. My only recommendation if you decide to use a PC software product is to select one that allows the manipulation of stamp images on a grid. That way you can space the stamps exactly how your want them on a page and the album pages will have a very professional look. That is the primary reason I decided to use a simple engineering diagram package like MS Visio. Another important issue is to make sure you printer can handle heavy weight paper. I am using 65 lb. stock and it works great for mounting the stamps using Showgard mounts. Good luck.

  3. Years ago I created my own stamp pages. These were not for Korean stamps, but for Polish exile government stamps. However, the problem with doing the printing yourself is that you need heavier paper to create the proper background on which to put the stamps (in the plastic envelopes of course), but it is exactly that type of paper which has the tendency to curl up (for lack of a better term) when run through a laser printer because of the warmth or an inkjet printer because the paper is wet with ink while being turned around in what is usually a small printer. So how to avoid this problem?

  4. I am using a Canon iP7220 ink jet printer with 66 lb. Neenah 96 bright white paper. It goes through the printer without jamming or other problems. The paper stock is very heavy and there is no curling either from the printer or when the Showgard mounts are attached. If one uses a paper of less weight then the quality of the album page will diminish significantly. Regular printer paper will not work.

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