KoreaPost: “How to ask for this in English?”

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KoreaPost has done some forward thinking here. You must have been in this situation: you’re in a foreign country, where you can’t (properly) speak the language. Now how to ask for stamps? And that special type of post service? We might have a guidebook, but how much technical (postal) language is there in such a book? We may have an app on our phone these days, but what does using your phone (remember: data!) in another country cost?

KoreaPost’s solution? If you are a Korean, simply store these photos on your phone and you are set. Funnily enough this would also work the other way around (provided you can read Hangul of course).

Here is the complete campaign from KoreaPost’s Facebook page:

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5 thoughts on “KoreaPost: “How to ask for this in English?”

  1. Now, are they have to do is to figure how to let stamp collectors order new issues on subscription who do not live in Korea!

    1. Hello Mr. Finder,

      I have had a subscription service with the KPC since 1983. I am client no. 20 according to their records. The KPC sends new issues that you select for the subscription twice per year. You must have an account balance with the KPC so they can charge for the stamps plus shipping. I have usually deposited $100 and replenish the account when it gets low.

      There is one problem. Getting the funds transferred to the account is a bit of a hassle. In the past I have simple sent them a US check made out to the Korean Exchange Bank. It then must be processed through the Korean Exchange Bank and it can take several months for that to happen But the funds always reach my KPC account less a modest currency conversion fee.

      1. Hello Maynard, that is excellent news. Do have an e-mail address and/or mailing address for the KPC that you can share with the KSS members to reach them? I used to have any account with them in the the 1970’s to early 1980’s, and they were easy to contact and do business with them then. In the past 5 years I have written to them at what I thought was their address 3 or 4 times and never received a reply. Thanks again for your message. Robert

        1. Last year I got a reply from the KPC. The email address was phila@phila.or.kr. But it wasn’t about ordering anything, so I have no idea what would happen if you emailed them with an order for stamps.

          While living in Seoul I had my own KEB account (think I still have it actually). At that time you could open an account with KEB (now KEB Hana) anywhere in the world. Perhaps this is still possible? You can contact them through https://www.kebhana.com/easyone_index_en.html.

          If I had been living in Seoul I would simply have said “I’ll get you your stamps” but I am not in Korea at the moment, so that’s not an option.

          1. Hi Ivo, thanks, I just sent the KPC an e-mail asking if I can set up a new subscription account to receive all the new issues. We will see what they say (if I receive a reply). Robert

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