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KoreaPost has release this month’s “wallpaper”, a set of graphics files which can be used as background on a computer or a smartphone. This month’s wallpaper is directly related to the theme of the next stamp release, which is the 5th annual tourism series titled “Must-visit Tourist Destinations for Koreans“.

The files can be downloaded from either the Postory blog website or KoreaPost’s own website

Here is an example of one of the horizontal sizes (at reduced size):

One of the horizontal images. Have a look at the many details in this image!

Here is one interesting detail in the image. Look at the people walking across the sandy area towards the island:

Detail from August wallpaper.

This is referring to the Jindo-Modo walk. National Geographic wrote about this about this walk: “Hundreds of thousands of locals and foreign tourists gather at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula every year for the Jindo Sea-Parting Festival. The event, which this year started on Thursday and runs through Sunday, celebrates a natural phenomenon in which the Jindo Sea—the northern portion of the East China Sea—opens up just enough to reveal a 1.8-mile (2.9-kilometer) pathway connecting South Korea’s Jindo Island to the nearby island of Modo.

A text and photo of this can also be found in the Wikipedia lemma on Jindo:

The Mysterious Sea Road Festival (Yeongdeung Festival). Twice each year in early summer. Dates vary year to year due to tidal restrictions.. Between the coastal village of Heodong-ri and the islet of Mo-do, southeast of Jin-do, some of the world’s largest tides occur. During a few days in the spring (in the second month of the lunar calendar), a causeway appears, nearly 3km long and up to 40m wide. This natural phenomenon (translated as the Mysterious, Magical, Miracle or Mystic Sea Road or Sea Way) brings tourists interested in both the Christian parallel of the Moses Miracle, and the ancient Korean legend of Grandma Ppong, left behind when her people fled a tiger-infested Jindo for Modo, and reunited with them via this rainbow-shaped land bridge. Tourists can experience many traditional folk dances, cultural activities and dogs shows during the Mystic Sea Road Festivals. Expect to see thousands of visitors for this very limited time experience. If you plan to go to this event, it would be wise to arrive the night before, as transportation logistics to the island and then to the event itself from other locations in Korea can be quite challenging.

Photo credits: Piotrus / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Finally, here is the vertical version of the wallpaper image:

Vertical August 2019 wallpaper image.

The KPC3394-3397 (5th Tourism Series) stamps will be release on 6 August 2019.

All images in page copyright: 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost 

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