Ship mail versus ship’s mail: not all ships are paquebots!


In “Paquebot Cancellations of the World” Mike Dovey and Keith Morris list a series of Korean paquebot cancellations. However, it might be that not all of the cancellations shown are paquebot cancellations.

It is understandable that compiling a worldwide handbook comes with certain problems. One is the language problem: it is impossible to know all languages of all countries. Luckily most countries will usually print their cancellations and postmarks in both the national language and one international language (usually English or French).

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The book “Paquebot Cancellations of the World” (4th edition; 2010) by Mike Dovey and Keith Morris is unfortunately no longer in print, but secondhand examples sometimes come up for sale. More information on paquebot and related cancellations can be found on the TPO & Seapost Society’s website.

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1 thought on “Ship mail versus ship’s mail: not all ships are paquebots!

  1. Found another example of a “sea mail” (and not paquebot) cover on Ebay:

    I think “Bug Pusan” is supposed to mean 북부산, as there is a “Bukbusan” (current romanization) post office.

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