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KoreaPost released a new campaign on safety. The campaign is related to the recent Tourism Series stamps and shows accidents waiting to happen on holiday. The campaign also comes with a new idea: put your name on these stamps.

The campaign is in Korean only, so unless you can read and write Korean it is unlikely you will have seen it. Here are some parts of the graphics for the campaign:

KoreaPost is asking to please put your name on the stamps. Which stamps? See the next graphics.
Please write your name on this stamp.
Or write your name on this stamp.

The idea is to go to the campaign page and click on the graphic found there. This will take you to a Naver Office page, which shows the next two images which are also part of the campaign materials:

Hm, what could go wrong on holiday…? See that tick? Those lovely mushrooms?
Life on the beach. But is it safe…?

For the complete materials have a look at the campaign page of KoreaPost. The campaign runs until August 30. And yes, there are prices to be won.

Copyrights graphics: KoreaPost

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