8.15: 74 years of Korean independence

General Philatelic News

It has been 74 years since Korea became independent in August 1945 after having been occupied by the Japanese empire since 1905/1910. This is something the Koreans understandably don’t want the world to forget of course and KoreaPost is part of that movement. Just a few days ago KoreaPost released quite a beautiful set of stamps showing historic Korean flags. To go with this set KoreaPost has also released some promotional materials.

The promotional materials can be found on the Kstamp blog:

Note that if you do go to the Kstamp blog page you will see that the banner at the top has also been changed. It now shows the Taegeukgi stamps as well.

Some other materials are available from the Kstamp Facebook page:

All images copyright KoreaPost.


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