KNTA also celebrates independence day

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The 대한결핵협회 / Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA), known for issuing the Korean Christmas seals since 1949, also published some materials related to both the March 1 movement of 1919, 80 years ago, as well as the 74th anniversary of Korean independence from Japan in 1945. That’s a lot of anniversaries in one sentence!

Firstly the materials relating to Korea’s independence movements over time. Most of these materials can be found on KNTA’s Facebook page:

Flags flying high!
The story of the 3.1 (March 1) movement.
The 2016 seal sheet showed 10 of the best known independence fighters.

Of course KNTA knows its own history very well. Here are examples from KNTA’s Facebook page of Christmas seals from the 1980s and 1990s:

Several of the seals in the past had a direct relationship to nature protection:

And lastly some examples from 1992 and 1993:

All materials shown are copyright KNTA. Have a look at their blog, for instance the page on the independence fighters. But most importantly it is interesting to realize KNTA actually still sells quite a few of the Christmas seals of the last years, so get them while stocks last!


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