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A Dutch footballer famously once said approx. “you will only see it if you understand it“. This is true of Korean blogs as well: sometimes you really have to read on before you notice there is something important being said. Take a recent blog post on Korean National Tuberculosis Association’s Facebook page.

The blog post looks “innocent” enough: it shows Korean Christmas seals, starting with Sherwood Hall’s 1932 seals, continuing through the 1930s until 1940, then jumping to 1967. So far so good. But if you read on you will discover that the design for December (they are Christmas seals after all!) 2019 seals is also mentioned: this year the seal(s) will show the female divers of Jeju.

Here is the complete set of graphics as released by 대한결핵협회 / Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA):

See the words 제주 and 해녀? To see what this means, have a look at KoreaPost’s stamps issued in November 2018 titled “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage / Culture of Jeju Haenyeo (Women Divers)” (KPC3346-3347).

However, before buying the new issue at the end of this year please note KNTA actually still sells quite a few of the Christmas seals of the few last years, so get them while stocks last!

All materials shown are copyright KNTA

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  1. Very interesting Ivo. However, when I click the “so get them while stocks lasts”, I receive an error message. Bob

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