Download (KSS members only): “KSS Monograph 1: Korean Postal Stationery Catalog Errata”

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In 1986/1987 KSS member John J. Sauer published “KSS Monograph 1: Korean Postal Stationery Catalog”. This 32 page publication can be download on the KSS website. A 2 page update to the original publication was published some time after as an addendum.

The two (undated) pages are:

Fig. 1: Front of errata
Fig. 2: Reverse of errata

For KSS members who would like to print these two pages (for instance with the original catalogue) a PDF file is available for download. Simply click this link:

KSS Monograph 1: Errata

Note that only KSS members can actually download the file but becoming a member is for free and applying can be done online in a matter of minutes. By becoming a member you get access to all the pages/articles on the KSS website including all (scanned) publications already online. And more is coming soon!


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