Are There Any Other Readers Specialized/Interested in Stamp Errors?


One area of the collecting of Korean stamps that fascinates me is the various errors of Korean stamps. I am wondering if there are many collectors of these Korean errors, and whether it would be useful to establish a discussion group for these errors on the KSS website, or should we just publish articles on these errors and request comments? In any event, it would be very helpful if other readers would write short articles, including images, if possible, about these Korean stamp errors. An example of how an article would look about a Korean stamp error that I believe is very interesting, is discussed in the short article that follows.

The 1901 50 chon Plum Blossom Issue Missing Pink Colour

A very interesting early Korean stamp error is the missing pink colour on the 1900 50 chon Plum Blossom Issue. I have not been able to find very much information about this error. There were at least two different printings of the 50 chon Plum Blossom stamp. Scott gives the catalog numbers to these two printings of 31 and 52, respectively, and states that 31 was issued in 1901 and 52 was issued in 1903. Scott values the first issue mint at $550 and the second issue at mint $400. The Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) gives these two issues the catalog numbers of 24 and R2, and values them at 1,200,000 won (US$1000) and 800,000 won (US670), respectively.

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